Thomas T. Barry

What a man does for others, not what they do for him, gives him immortality’ – Daniel Webster
Webster’s advice is what Tom lives by.

Thomas T. Barry


Tom Barry is a New Hampshire native who helps people whose lives are turned upside down by traumatic events such as workplace injuries, being injured in a car crash, falling on property, being injured by the use of products, or being fired from a job.

While attending law school, Tom worked on the Washington, D.C. staff of U.S. Senator Norris Cotton of New Hampshire. Senator Cotton had a long tradition of employing law students on his staff because that is how Senator Cotton himself was able to afford to attend law school while he was on the staff of U.S. Senator Moses of New Hampshire.

Following graduation from law school, Tom worked on the staff of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire before entering the private practice of law. While at the Supreme Court, he served on the Supreme Court Task Force on Permanency Planning, the Supreme Court Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs, the Supreme Court Committee on Pattern Civil Jury Instructions, and the Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Performance Evaluation. Tom well- remembered the advice of a family friend and lawyer who devoted his life to public service, but regretted never having engaged in private practice.

Hence, still with a goal of public service in mind, Tom entered the practice of law. Upon entering private practice, Tom appeared on behalf of clients in all courts in the state, as well as many administrative agencies. Tom was nominated by Governor Stephen E. Merrill to a part-time seat on the New Hampshire Circuit Court, where he served for 21 years. During his service as a Circuit Court judge, Tom presided over criminal arraignments and probable cause hearings, criminal, civil, and domestic violence trials, and juvenile hearings.

Tom has participated for many years in training volunteer attorneys to represent low income clients of crisis centers statewide who are the victims of domestic violence.