Practice Areas

With more than 52 years of trial experience, Bob is well known as one of New Hampshire’s premier litigators. Throughout his career, he has represented individuals in a wide variety of complex disputes.  In all cases, his goal is to achieve a solid victory for his clients. To date, he has argued approximately 35 appeals in the First and Third Circuit Courts of Appeal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, and the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in products liability cases. Some examples are a worker whose pelvis and entire bony structure from the waist down was crushed when tons of concrete released prematurely from a concrete form.  Bob also successfully represented a woman who was burned over 60 to 75% of her body by the combination of a faulty woodstove and highly hazardous and flammable robe.

Bob first gained criminal defense experience early in his career as a member of the Philadelphia Public Defender’s office. Initially representing indigent criminal defendants accused of a variety of offenses, it was not long before he served primarily as defense attorney for alleged bank robbers. Once he moved to New Hampshire, Bob became one of the founding attorneys of the New Hampshire Public Defender System.

Bob has also practiced criminal law at the international level.  Bob participated in a historic war crimes trial when he appeared in The Hague before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), in which he assisted in defending Dario Kordic, a former Bosnian Croat politician accused of mass murder.  Bob initially became involved in this case for the purpose of training Croatian colleagues in cross examination skills, but went on to assume the important role of lead counsel in Kordic’s defense.  Kordic was acquitted of the most serious half of the charges against him, after a three year trial. 

Bob has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in products liability cases.  Some examples are a worker whose pelvis and entire bony structure from the waist down were crushed when tons of concrete released prematurely from a concrete form, and a woman who was burned on 60% to 75% of her body because of the combination of a faulty wood stove and a highly hazardous and flammable robe.

Bob represented the plaintiffs in a landmark and precedent setting case in which a probate judge applied for the first time in the history of the United States an in terrorem clause to divest a litigant who challenged her father’s well-crafted estate and trust.  The Court made a finding of bad faith against the litigant, removed the trustee, and awarded attorneys’ fees to Bob’s clients.

Bob has been called upon recently with regard to contested matters in the New Hampshire Probate Court involving millions of dollars by families contesting claims or bringing claims against various wills and trust

Having taught trial advocacy since 1975 at various venues, law schools, private firms, and for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Bob is now available for private coaching and mentoring.  Whether to help prepare for trial, refresh skills that have rusted, or to work with the trial team, Bob is uniquely situated to understand the dynamics of a courtroom presentation, and how to best “sell” a case.  Because he has been listed in Best Lawyers in America in multiple categories including civil litigation, products liability – plaintiffs, probate litigation, marital cases involving distribution of large assets, and criminal defense, he has a clear understanding of “what it takes” not just to win, but how to assist others who appear in matters like these, and in complex litigation.  Bob’s philosophy has always been “by your students you shall be taught”.  The successes of his mentees are every bit as important to him as his own personal successes in the courtroom.

Bob can be reached by using the Contact Us form or by calling 603-228-1109.